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What we do

Vapor Blasting Solutions is a mobile media blasting service that can come to your job site and remove almost anything off of any hard surface. Our equipment is completely self contained and can supply everything we need to get the job done. Most of our projects only require one or two days to complete however, we are fully capable of multiday or longer projects. Nothing too big, nothing too small.

If you have a small project such as a patio chair or fender off your antique truck it's better to bring to us. We can put your part in with others we have and make it more cost effective. Turnaround time is normally a few days.  

Years of exposure to the elements on surfaces can be almost impossible to remove. Vapor blasting is an excellent way to remove dirt, mildew, oxidation, and stains. It will leave the surface with a nice even color.

Home maintenance is an on going process. There are always small jobs to do, but when it's time to for major renovations or you are planning a remodel project, vapor blasting can shorten the process to make it less stressful and time consuming. Our process can strip coatings off most any hard surface like concrete, brick, block, tile wood and some sidings.

Commercial industrial




Vapor Blasting can remove tough industrial coatings and corrosion without damaging hosing, couplings, and delicate surfaces.
This one-step cleaning and surface preparation saves hours of labor in otherwise tedious and difficult maintenance chores.
With ultra-low dispersal characteristics, vapor blasting eliminates up to 92 percent of airborne particles and can be used in enclosed
spaces without affecting nearby equipment or workers.  

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Auto restoration is more popular today than ever. Vapor blasting is the first step to getting that ole truck on it's way to what it looked like in earlier days. It will remove layers of paint, rust, body filler, and almost anything else on the surface. That way you know what you are working with. It's kind of like painting on a fresh new canvas.

Vapor blasting does not cause heat and warping like conventional dry blasting. Actually, the water vapor cools the media and metal as it removes the layers thus eliminating warpage. It can however, bend the metal from using excessive pressure. In those critical places like deck lids, hoods, rooftops we reduce pressure and air volume and angle our blast hose for effective material removal but gentle enough not to bend metal.

Flash rust is also an issue with raw metal. In our process we add a rust inhibitor to the blast water that not only stops the flash rust but helps to clean the metal. Therefore there is no need to clean before priming. Rust inhibitors are only temporary. We recommend getting your stripped metal in an environment where it is dry and has plenty of air circulation. Once it's dry you can blow off all the remaining media and it's ready for primer.


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  • Removing industrial coatings for inspections
  • Preparing surfaces to recoat
  • Cleaning storage tanks
  • Removing rust and scale
  • Removing roadway markings
  • Building and site maintenance
  • Contaminants abatement
  • Offshore corrosion control
  • Exposing welds