If you're looking to spruce up the house we can come in and remove old paint, or years of weather wear to make it look like new again.



Media blasting or sand blasting has been used  for years to remove paint, rust, scale, dirt and almost anything else stuck on nearly any hard surface. It consists of an abrasive type sand or sand like material and air pressure. A very simple but effective way to clean the surface. The problem with sand blasting is it's very dusty and dirty and it uses tremendous amounts of media to do the job. Containment is needed in most applications therefore making it not very cost effective.

Vapor Blasting is the same concept as sand blasting but with water added in the mix to make it more efficient, and produce little to no dust. Water suppresses most of the dust therefore there is little or no need for containment. Vapor blasting uses much less media to get the same results as dry blasting which also reduces the cost of cleanup.

It's the most effective and efficient way to media blast.

There are many uses for vapor blasting in the industrial market. From prepping parts for rebuilding to cleanup prior to refitting new equipment.

Eco friendly


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Auto restoration is a very large part of our business. There are many different needs for paint removal and cleanup on vehicle bodies and parts.

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Vapor Blasting Solutions offers an eco friendly approach to media blasting. Our process is very efficient using less than 1/3 of the media of dry blasting. Water vapor suppresses the dust by up to, or more than 90% therefore making it favorable to use on almost any application.


From sidewalks to buildings Vapor Blasting can clean surfaces like block, brick, concrete, tile, asphalt, and stone. Check out some of our projects.

- Eco friendly media blasting process

- 90% or more dust suppression
- Media is inert or biodegradable
- No harm to vegetation
- Rust inhibitor (if used) is biodegradable
- Very efficient process means less cleanup 
- Less dust means little or no containment   
- Faster and more cost effective process

- Water reduces heat so no warping metal